Yeyen Lidya , AYU Dewi Foto Hot , Ngangkang CD nya

Foto hot - Yeyen Lidya mengawali karirnya sebagai presenter yang kemudian merambah ke dunia akting. Acara yang pernah dipandu wanita kelahiran Solo, 5 Mei 1978 ini antara lain Goyang Sejati, Asyiknya Dewa Dewi, dan infotainment Bisik-Bisik. Janda satu anak, Angel Melinda, ini mengawali karir di dunia layar lebar dengan bermain di ANDA PUAS SAYA LOYO (2008). Dalam film komedi dewasa ini, Yeyen tampil memperlihatkan keseksian tubuhnya.Yeyen tak berselimutkan air ataupun simbal, melainkan cabe! Yup, ibu satu anak itu tampak tampil berani dengan menanggalkan seluruh bajunya dan berpose dengan ratusan cabe yang ditata supaya menutupi kulitnya.

Yeyen Lydia started his career as a presenter and then penetrated into the world of acting. Event ever guided women born in Solo, May 5, 1978, among others Shake True, Fun Gods, and infotainment whispers.
Widow of the child, Angel Melinda, is starting a career on the big screens with playing in YOU SATISFY MY sluggish (2008). In this adult comedy, Yeyen appear showing her sexiness.

Drummer of the punk rock band, Superman Is Dead, Jerinx known as a highly amusing and eccentric. Not infrequently he gokil upload photos or post smelling humor writing is always able to make the fans entertained.
Most recently, Jerinx re-create a scene with a recent photo in Twitter posts. In the picture he uploaded it, he seemed to sleep in the bathtub and covered cymbal-cymbal drum instead of water.

"Sleeping with the noise," he wrote short on photo caption.

I wonder what this does is an official photo session or just sheer madness. But the follower inevitably react immediately and vying shed comments.
Interestingly, there is a user who directly compare photos Jerinx with super sexy presenter, Yeyen Lydia. As is known, some time ago, Yeyen had exclusive photo session with KapanLagi.com ® to pose exactly as did Jerinx.

The difference, Yeyen not covered in water or cymbals, but the chili! Yup, the mother of one child seemed brave to take off all her clothes and posing with hundreds of chili, arranged so as to cover the skin.